Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thank you Apple for saving the day.

While there may be a few policies at my new job that I feel could be improved on, there was on in particular that I was actually thrilled to see. Since my hours at work are normal a twelve hour shift, things can get a bit boring. But once I found out you can listen to music while you work via headphones, I was psyched. Being able to listen to 1500+ songs (still have room for some more) at work on my second generation iPod has provided me my biggest return on investment since I got it back in July of 2002. Rockin out to some Warhols, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, or U2 has never made the days go quicker. I've also been downloading podcasts and a few audiobooks, why not get informed while I'm at it. Only thing that sucks about it is when I forget to fully charge it and run out of juice midday. I'm thinking another
model may come out in the coming weeks that might just tempt me to buy a third iPod (first was this model, second was an iPod mini for my wife). If you are in the market for one, hold off for a few more weeks. For the same amount of money you may be able to pick up a touchscreen iPod, which may or may not have a radio transceiver to listen to it in the car with no wires attached. I know I will be keeping my eyes pealed.

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