Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blue Hippo Scam Alert! The $2000+ low end desktop computer.

RAW DEAL! Worst computer deal in the history of scams. They are selling a $300 desktop computer for $2200. They are scamming the public by making it look like an easy payment plan. If the overall price wasn't bad enough, they don't even take on any risk, as they won't ship the computer until you've spent more than $600! Help expose this scam!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Evolution follows few of the possible paths to antibiotic resistance

"Darwinian evolution follows very few of the available mutational pathways to attain fitter proteins, researchers at Harvard University have found in a study of a gene whose mutant form increases bacterial resistance to a widely prescribed antibiotic by a factor of roughly 100,000."

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Well, had a few interesting thing occur. Melanie scored us some general admission tickets to the NIN show that is coming our way. Before you go calling us crazy, they do an amazing live show. We are also looking at a Ben Harper show in September. Things have been crazy as usual. Chapel Hill continues to be a perfect fit for Mel. I'm excited about our vacations coming up this summer. The first one is in May, where we will be celebrating Andrew's graduation by heading down to the Bahamas. I'm also looking into a Colorado trip to be with Melanie on our Five year anniversary. Wow, 5 years, scary LOL. The big trip will come in August, where we will be heading out to Montana to celebrate our birthdays, a 10 year reunion, and a get-together with my best friends. All in all, its going to be a lot of fun.