Friday, February 17, 2006

Desperate Presidents

This week's addition to the pack are two groups hailing from the unformiliar lands of Electo Indie. The first group I have been listening to for a few weeks, with their single Desperate Guys leaving a haunting beat that leaves you bobbin to the beat. The Faint has had a wandering path,with release starting back in the late nineties. Several renditions of their sounds can be sampled from each album, and the adventure is well worth it.
Which leads me into another elect India group, but one with a shorter history so far. Electric President's self named album has only been out since Jan. 24, but it provides a trip cross of the soft vocals found in bands such as Modest Mouse, accompanied by a wired and jagged backbeat. The dynamic cross of these two methods provides a unique experience, and one that may be rough around the edges, but with the right effort, you can visualize that polished sounds.

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