Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Congrats on the New Store!!

Just wanted to send a special congratulations to my brother Quinn and my parents on finally opening the newest Cold Stone in Montana. After a year of hard work getting it off the ground, negociation set backs, building delays, and many other obstacles they finally opened the doors for business. As a final flaunt in their faces, the soft opening this past Saturday was met with -5 below. Not what you would call good ice cream weather. But standing at the door at 10:30am (they open at 11) were their first customers. Since it was too cold out they were invited in to the store. The previous night was Friends and Family night for the employees to introduce them to the store and its wonderful product. They Served over 100 people that night, which turned out to be good practice for the next day. In spite of -5 degree weather, 600 people found their way to the Cold Stone in the Hastings Parking lot, right next to the High school. Mind you, this is with out advertising, minus a small sign in the window "We will be open for business 2/18". This is a phenomenal start to what I am sure will become a huge success. Don't just take my word for it, head down if you find yourself in Bozeman Montana, and try a scoop. The staff couldn't be better, and they have embraced the Cold Stone spirit, already writing their own songs In case some money finds its way to the tip jar. As far as I know they have been quite busy since the start (something I have to assume since I can not get in touch with them). But once again, a well deserved congratulations on all the work so far. Here's a shot of the crew

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