Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Olympics + HD = phenomenal

I picked up my HD set a little over a year ago, a Sony CRT, so I've had a chance to view a lot of HD content over the past several months. While Discovery HD could suck hours of my time away, its been this years Olympics that have proven the best show so far. If you haven't had the chance to see sports in HD, if there was only one reason to get HD, that would be it. This coming from a guy who may love to participate in sports, I have never been a big fan of watching sports. Sure there are a few, but most of them come in 4 year increments (Winter Olympics and the World Cup). If you get a chance, try and catch at least a little bit of the games in HD. If you miss it, think of it as an oportunity to get a set in the next four years before the games return. Crossing my fingers for the World Cup in HD.

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