Saturday, December 23, 2006

December sure has gone by quickly

Hello all,

I have to start by apologizing about the lack of updates this month, it has been unusual in the truest form. There have been quite a few curve balls thrown at me this month, but I am happy to report I'm still moving along nicely. I'll flesh out the details on another post but I wanted to fill in some details from last night.

Melanie and I had been invited out by Shana (one of Melanie's fellow Doc students) to go to the Carolina Hurricane's game against the New York Islanders. The idea was to try and score some of the student discount tickets which only go on sale the day of, and must be purchased at the RBC center. The only tickets we were able to secure were up in the 300's. We made the trek upstairs to find our seats when we were approached by one of the Storm Squad (Hurricane Cheerleaders). She wanted to know if we would be interested in playing some trivia for a chance at some better seats. Melanie was immediately nominated by Shana and I. So, just before the National Anthem, we went back downstairs to meet for the event. Mel was taken down to one of the corner booths on the ice to play the "Sub Club" sponsored by Subway for the new seats. Shana and I slipped down with Melanie as she walked to the booth and found a nice pair of seats about 18 seats up to watch the action. The game was that they would put up a question on the Jumbotron and the announcer would read it off until one of the players grabbed the Stormy hat (Hurricane's mascot) from the table. At that time the question would disappear and the announcer would stop reading and wait for the answer. It turns out that the game didn't quite play out like that, they did take the question down and the announcer did stop "reading" it, but he ended up repeating it before he asked the question. Melanie's competitor made for the hat first and guessed correctly. She did kick her self a little bit, since the question was true false, so a guess would have been just fine, if you were wrong the tickets just went to the other player. She had also been combing her mind with facts and figures about last season and players names, when the question turned out to be "True or False, the Hurricanes were leading after the 1st period in their last game?". Even if she didn't win, she got to be on the Jumbotron, get a shot at some better seats, and best of all, had the best seat in the entire house when the Hurricanes scored their first goal. Not much else after that, just enjoyed watching the Canes finish off with a 5-1 victory with out too much sweat.

Sunday, December 10, 2006