Sunday, October 29, 2006

A real Halloween scare

The scariest thing you might encounter in the coming weeks might not be found roaming the streets this Tuesday night, nor will you see it lighting up silver screens, the real terror could be as close as voting booth next to you.

Time magazine is running a story about the Diebold voting machine. It does a good job coving the basics, but for a closer look I recommend looking a little deeper.

If you don't mind reading a bit of a technical essay about the potential pitfalls we are facing here, Jon Stokes from Ars Technica wrote an excellent one here:

If you don't have the time, I can give you the short and skinny of it. 1) Moving to votes to a digital system causes them to be much easier to manipulate, both during an election and after. 2) Security concerns increase rather than become more manageable. 3) If there is a audit performed due to a red flag, there is no discernible way to tell between a machine malfunction or deliberate tampering.

As I said before, for a full understanding of what the true risk of the Diebold voting machine is, read through the article from Ars Technica, it will cause you to shiver at the sight of the next electronic voting machine you see.

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