Monday, October 02, 2006

Heroes on NBC

The surprise show for me so far this new season is Heroes on NBC. Its been quite some time since a show has caught me off guard. In a word this show is... Graphic? Yes, graphic is a good definition here. It plays out very much like a graphic novel, several normal people find they have special abilities, and every episode may answer a few questions, but leave you with several burning new questions. And another thing, I was caught off guard on how graphic this show can be literally, as in ER graphic. Having a character walk into a room and find a body with the top of their skull gone and lacking a brain surprised me for sure! But all in all its an enigma that I will be following on a week to week basis. With Battlestar starting up on Friday, and this show on Mondays, I've got some great shows to look forward to.

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