Tuesday, October 10, 2006

PS3 eBay style

The first pre-orders opened up today for the PS3, and stores were limited to total orders. So where did these pre-orders end up? eBay of course, and with an asking price of $2-4k. Supposedly, eBay has already been taking those down, but a couple of thousand for one... you have to be kidding me. I was playing around with the idea of picking a PS3 up for a Blueray player with my HD set. But I think that would be as effective if I had picked up a SACD player when the first showed up. What is SACD? That's my point exactly. One Wii for me please.


Oshively said...

you are goddam right

Freudian Slip said...

If ever there was a chance for Nintendo to make a comeback, this is it. I think Sony has made a huge error in going with blu-ray and a $600 price tag. Long live Nintendo!