Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blood and sweat equity.

While we walk down the prepaved road of this American life, I do find it interesting to pick up on some of the things you might not expect. Things such as Home Depot becoming a really cool store. Maybe its not that its a cool store, rather its what I tell myself to trick me into thinking it is. Regardless, its where I spent most of my weekend. Its that time of the year and I got to break out the lawn equipment which started at a bright and early 7:30 am Saturday morning, or in other words about an hour and a half after I got off from my 12 hour shift. I spent the next hour or so raking up the lawn and doing general prep work. Once 9 am rolled around, I headed off to pick up the aerator. For those of you who have not had the misfortune of crossing horns with this beast, consider yourself lucky, smarter than me, or just straight with out a lawn. I had decided to try out going with the local Ace hardware store this time around, usually I end up renting from Home Depot. And let me tell you fitting that albatross into the Subu tends to be quite a battle of wits and brawn. This time, to my surprise, I ended up with a small yellow plugger that was on a mission to test my frazzled nerves. Lucky for it, and my security deposit, I had it back on the truck heading back to the store in around an hour and a half. Around 12:15 I had finally passed out, only to re-emerge around 9:30 that night.

The next day was time for overseeding, which was a walk in the park compared to the previous day, but again I found the sands of the weekend slipping though my fingers. Today was meant to be my relaxation day, but of course that was a farce. So now I sit here, literally scraped, bruised, and aching, all of which I am sure I will repeat in some form on my next day off. But still, life is good and dispite the soreness, I'm pretty happy with the work we got done.

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