Friday, May 04, 2007

Our Triathlon results.

I thought it would be fun to break down the results from our first ever triathlon. For the full spread you can take a look at the official results over here.

I'll start by breaking down the 5 sections of the race. There are only 3 legs to the race, but they provide time splits for the transition from one leg to the next. How this works is you have a microchip around your ankle, and there are timing pads you run across as you move from one leg into the next. Those pads will record your split time so you can see how you did in each individual event. The transition area is a centralized area where your bike and running gear is stored. When you finish the swim, you jump out of the pool, run down the sidewalk, over the timing pad (ending your swim time, and starting T1), and into the transition area. You then throw on you shoes and shirt, and grab you helmet and bike. You have to leave the transition area before you can jump on the bike and start the next leg. On the way out of the area, you cross the second timing pad (ending T1, and starting your bike). Once the bike section is complete, you run over the same pad from when you exited the area (end of bike, and start of T2) and bring your bike back to the same area as before. Then its off to the run, as you exit the the zone you cross the third pad (end of T2, start of the run). The final pad is crossed at the finish line.

Now that I have that all cleared up (clear as mud right?) I'll post our times in the following format:
  • Event: (time) place in age group / place overall

Scott - Total in Age Group: 32 Total Overall: 267

  • Swim: (6:01) 19th/146th
  • T1: (2:30) 21st/193rd
  • Bike: (47:33) 29th/237th
  • T2: (0:58) 4th/28th
  • Run: (30:16) 21st/184th
  • Finish: (1:27:17) 26th/209th

Melanie - Total in Age Group: 13 Total Overall: 168

  • Swim: (6:11) 8th/66th
  • T1: (2:22) 7th/78th
  • Bike: (51:02) 8th/118th
  • T2: (1:22) 2nd/65th
  • Run: (32:77) 5th/70th
  • Finish: (1:33:26) 8th/88th

And then there was our friend Shana.

Shana -

  • Swim: (4:12) 2nd
  • T1: (1:20) 3rd
  • Bike: (36:29) 3rd
  • T2: (1:10) 21st
  • Run: (25:17) 10th
  • Finish: (1:08:27) 3rd

As for the reason I didn't specify Age group/Overall for Shana, that's because she got 3rd overall. It was very impressive. As for the future, well I can safely say this was a good benchmark for us, but by no means will this be the final results. Mel has already signed up for her next triathlon in two weeks, and I am scoping out the next triathlon that I can do. We meet our first goals, now its time to improve on them!

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