Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Google Reader

I found a cool new tool to play around with when I was exploring some of the newer (to me) features of gmail. One such tool is Google Reader, a rss aggregate to goes out and fetches any new posts to sites you subscribe to. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and there are quite a few sites that have added it over the past several months. What you look for is the orange button on the left side of many address bars, or if you find the blue RSS button embedded on the sight. In a nutshell, RSS allows for sends out titles and or brief descriptions of any new posts or articles. Someone who has subscribed to a RSS feed from a sight can pull it up like a bookmark to quickly scan for any new post (often they will be highlighted or flagged) and serve has hot links.
The other cool thing is with google reader, I can mark articles that I thought were cool over in my new widget (Scott's shared stories). So keep an eye on that right side of the page.

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