Saturday, March 10, 2007

W4: Pluses and Minuses

Decided to steal a page from my wife, and submit a quit posting while we wait for our flight. Just want to thank Ft. Lauderdale Airport for having the common decency of providing free WiFi. Seriously, does anyone ever pay for WiFi at other airports unless you absolutely have to, and I for one have never access that bad. But, back to the heart of things.
This past week of training had its ups and downs, I had a good week based of the intensity of the work outs I completed, but I did poorly based off how many days I worked out. I will have to improve on that. I started the week of with a 5k run, which I finished in just over 30 min, which is good, but I will need to shave some more time off that. The big work out came this past Thursday, when I decided to give a litmus test to my progress so far. I started out with a 10 mile bike ride, that I finished in around 45 minutes. I basically rode a modified circuit and after I returned back to the house I kicked off the running section of my workout. I grabbed Kiera, and 5 minutes after finishing my bike ride I was back on the road for a 3 mile run. I clocked in at 30 minutes for that run, and I was feeling the burn after that work out.
This next week will be interesting to see how Melanie and I will be able to adjust our training to a new environment. But, all and all it should be pretty fun, besides you really can't complain about running on the beach. That's all for now.

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