Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Net is a boon for indie labels

"Even as the recording industry staggers through another year of declining sales over all, there are new signs that a democratization of music made possible by the Internet is shifting the industry's balance of power."

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As a nod to my previous post, this is something I'm happy to see. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am tired of the likes of Infinity broadcasting and Clear Channel. Two companies have successfully sucked the life out of radio and created generic stations that are identical no matter where you are listening from. I think my mood turned when one of my favorite stations out in Portland, 94.7 NRK bit the dust due to one out of control DJ. I have found solace in indie music, the edges are rough, but it is so satisfying to find a diamond in the rough, unlike the transparent pop start that are popped out oooh every 9-15 months or so (current pet peeve - younger siblings of teen pop starts whom are now in their twenties). Since I don't live in an area large enough to support a full scale station, like Indie 103.1 FM (Thanks Owen!), I mainly listen to college stations. This is one of the crazy ideas I was talking about earlier, the possibility of doing a new and notable indie podcast. I need to do some research on what I would need to pull together, and how feasible it actually is, but it should be interesting. More to come later. ps. Steadman is a great band to get started with if you are interested.

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