Friday, December 30, 2005


Just a little highlight from the web, there is a great site called the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or EFF. Its a nonprofit group that has been working to protect our digital rights since 1990. Never heard of them? They were a part of the victory in ibJab Media v. Ludlow Music, N.D. Cal. where the internet media company was threatened for using the song "This land is your land", which has been in the public domain for several years. They also stood up in RIAA v. Verizon, DC Cir., where it was found that Verizon did not have to reveal the identity of one of its customers accused of copyright infringement. Needless to say they are doing good work, and I encourage you to check out their site from time to time, and help support their various causes ( the digital broadcast flag is one cause that comes to mind). They also are working on a campaign for bloggers rights, a definite good read.

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