Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Belated New Years greeting

Hiyo everyone. Going to toss up a short and brief hello to everyone, hope all had a safe and entertaining New Years. Ours was benign, but that's ok, we had plenty of excitement from the past year to make up for one missed night. I know posting have been hit and miss, but things continue to be crazy for the two of us. I suspect you will see more activity on Mel's blog once we get back into the thick of triathlon season again (yep we are doing it again!). I'll do my best to keep putting out things that grab my interest that I want to share and occasional personal thoughts and feelings. Right now I wish I had time to comment on the political storm that is brewing out on the campaign trail, so I'll try to find a chance this weekend. I also seemed to pick the wrong end of the rope on the HD DVD v. Blu Ray format war, but I have an plan in mind to put a silver lining on that cloud. So until then, take care!

Ps - In the meantime check out : http://www.wwar1.blogspot.com/
Its a project that a relative of a WWI soldier is doing online, where they are posting letters the family received from the solider 90 years to date. Meaning they only publish a new post of the letters on the exact date the family received a new letter 90 years ago. The author hasn't disclosed the fate of the solider, so its a very vivid reminder that war is hell, back then and right now. It gives a small glimpse of what so many military families are going through.


Tyler said...

Silver lining? One of those new hybrid players for both HD-DVD and Blu-ray that got announced with lower prices at CES this week?

Or is the silver lining the fact that the disc format war doesn't matter, direct download will win and you didn't pick 'the loser' you maybe just picked 'a loser'.

If direct download is slow to be adopted then I'll get whichever format comes out with a 400-disc changer like the current Sony 400 DVD changer that's already out. And that's Sony, so probably Blu-ray when the time comes. I can't wait for that time.

smcgrath said...

Silver lining in that if Blu Ray does win, I can pick out the HD DVD's I want from fire sales, and off eBay. No sense paying $30 for the exact same content on a Blu disk that I can get on an HD disk for $10. Then in a year or so, either find a nice cheap Hybrid, or see how the direct download is going along. Or maybe I'll just pick up a PS3 lol

smcgrath said...

update: I failed lol

HD DVD, I hardly knew ya (12/07-2/08)

Tyler said...

No worries, at the end of the day the Blu-Ray people will have lost too. Digital distrbution FTW.

We're at Jake's house this week and he picked up an Apple TV. We rented Transformers in HD and it's better quality than the DVD he had when we compared them.

It's not 1080p because no one has the bandwidth to download a 25GB movie, but it was nice.

I'll probably be getting one when we return to a civilization with real bandwidth.