Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Ultimate Black Friday Deal Guide

Other than the one of two clearly awesome deals per store, it's tough to know if standing your butt in the cold all night will actually save your more money than doing some online comparison shopping from the comfort of your own home. So we've done the comparison shopping for you and listed the REAL savings on all the best tech deals hitting Friday.There are a couple of deals that I'm currently scoping out, but for the most part I already snagged what I wanted a few weeks back (a shiny new HD DVD player!) If you want a more complete list of what is out there, I recommend http://www.blackfriday.info for a good centralized site to check out all the deals. One thing I'm grabbing for sure is some extra memory for my camera, 2 Gb SD card for $15. With the way the economy is going these days, I predict people will be done shopping early this year and people will be more selective about what they buy. I'm guessing less gifts on average, but people will probably opt for a larger single gift at the expense of smaller gifts. That translates to a lot of people looking to get the most bang for their buck, and black Friday would be a particularly good day to find those deals. Happy Hunting.

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